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Art Amidst Pandemic & The Earth Day 2020!

Updated: Apr 20, 2020

As I write my first blog post here, I am in a real dilemma. Should I be concentrating on all that’s happening around me or should I try & focus all my energy to counter that and create a positive environment around me. This would help me compose some good music instead. Let me introduce myself. I am Nikhil Koparde, a professional music composer working in as a for around 15 years .

It’s not that we are being pressurised by the immense wave of the demon that has inflicted the world. The list of pandemics go on & on. They have been always been a part of humna history but this time things are on a scal which is truly Global. Some people may call it Covid-19 and some Coronavirus today. This dreadful thing may have a different name tomorrow but these are just forms & different entities of the negative impact that we have inflicted upon this planet. For me Coronavirus today has brought around something which none of us could have imagined, atleast in our life time. Recently, here in India we were put under a strict & a total lockdown for 21 days and that’s unheard of given a country this size and scale. Then, since the number of cases were still on the rise, the government had to take tough decisions. And then came in Lockdown 2.0.

The Coronavirus death toll is mounting at an unprecedented level globally & that should definitely be an eye opener for all of us. Atleast now we should release the limits & extents that we could mess with nature, our climate & all the living beings in it. Day in day out looking at the sad images on news channels, the colourful graphs & pie charts one wonders when will all this end. These things play on your mind and the rising death toll eventually just becomes a number. Artists are known to produce their best work during the times of distress or duress. I recently experienced this phenomenon as well.

I really wanted to just make something which would give people a sense of hope, a sense of being and just some energy to get through these difficult times. As you listen to this piece of music, I hope you get the same positive vibe and positivity that I intended while composing it.

Music should alway be there as a friend and not just for entertainment. Music should help you with your emotions. Help you being happy, stop you from being sad, support you in feeling elated etc.

We are in a time when everything we seek is online. Everyone we know is available at the touch of a button. In such times, creativity or creating something has become extremely easy with the help of vast options in the digital technology available to us. But the most important thing that most of us lack of or are in search of, is inner peace. Solitude can really help aiding us in our creative journey to find our soul. Especially in such times.

Solitude and creativity go hand in hand. They work for you so well in the worst of times. Today as I sat surrounded by these horrid images of death & sadness everywhere with news channels just talking about nothing but Coronavirus, music was the only thing that has kept me sane. I composed this song as a way to connect with you to tell you that still everything has not been lost. There is still hope. We only have one home. This earth. This beautiful earth & everything that mother nature has created should be given equal respect and should be given their freedom to live. This year we celebrate 50 glorious years of Earthday , consuming exotic animals or hunting endangered species just for momentary excitement and pleasure is something we need to immediately stop. The importance of Earth day is now more than ever. Change can’t be brought externally. It has to come from within and only then can we get rid of things like Coronavirus today or extinction of some of the most beautiful animals and forests int the near future from the face of this earth.

I am currently researching on the effects sound has on emotions. The way we change our behaviour when we listen to certain songs is what I am working on currently. But that’s for some other time.

In my future blog posts I will be writing a lot about music, art in general & things that matter to me. I always believe in being optimistic about the future. As time and again we have proven that we are survivors.

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You can track the latest water level rises, global temperatue rises here. And if you haven't yet please check the link & wake to this grave reality.

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Until next time.

Somewhere, something incredible is waiting to be known. - Carl Sagan

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